How I Made My First $10,000

Before I started my own successful internet business, I used to dream about it all the time. I was fascinated by the idea of selling digital products online that people could buy anytime, day or night, with just a few clicks. The money would go straight into my bank account and the product would be delivered instantly. And this could happen over and over again, on autopilot, without any further effort from me.

I was so determined to make this my reality that I taught myself how to build a website and accept payments through PayPal. I also figured out a way to automate the delivery of digital products. I had learned everything I needed to know on the technical side of things, but now I needed to find products to sell that people actually wanted to buy.

This was way harder than I thought. There were plenty of products I could resell, but they were often poorly made or outdated. I didn’t believe in these products, so how could I feel confident selling them? I was starting to lose hope, but things were about to turn around.

At this time, I was (and I still am) subscribed to a lot of marketing gurus’ mailing lists, so I’d often get promo emails for the latest products. One offer in particular aroused my interest and this is where my journey was really about to begin.

I ended up going to an internet marketing seminar and bought the rights to16 PLR products. They were brand new, really in-depth, and much better than anything I’d seen before. They were also significantly more expensive than any PLR I had bought before too!

I was so excited to sell these products on my website! I set it up so that people could buy them separately or in a bundle at a discounted price. The cheapest product was £67, and the whole bundle was only £297.

Now I just had to figure out how to drive traffic to my website.

I’d read about lots of traffic generation methods, especially the free methods such as SEO, writing articles and posting on forums but that wasn’t bringing in the results I needed 😔.

The problem with free methods is that they are slow, time consuming and with Google continually changing its algorithm it’s unpredictable too so I went down the paid for traffic route.

I was apprehensive at first, I wanted to make money online, not spend it! But paid traffic turned out to be my secret weapon. It’s fast, targeted, and measurable, and it’s helped me generate leads and sales where previously I had none!

Here’s the traffic generation method that got me results:-

First I created another website, a squeeze page, where visitors would sign up to receive a free report. The report was about making money online and inside there were links back to my main website.

I got traffic to this squeeze page using Google Ads, which is a PPC (Pay Per Click) method. PPC advertising, or pay-per-click is a type of online advertising where you pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad.

Within an hour of setting up my first PPC campaign, I was getting traffic to my site. And not just any traffic, but targeted traffic from people who were actually interested in what I had to offer.

And because paid traffic is so measurable, I could track my results and verify that my squeeze page was converting. This allowed me to quickly identify what was working and what wasn’t, and make adjustments to my campaigns accordingly.

Here’s a look at the results from my first Google Ads campaign.

I set a Google Ad spend budget of £5 per day for 50 days: £250 in total. This resulted in 516 visitors signing up for the free report and joining my mailing list. From this I made 74 sales from my own site with a gross income of £9,395.

During this time I also mailed my list an affiliate offer, this was the first time I had done this but I really liked the offer and it was something I purchased for myself too. It was an opportunity to secure resale rights to a Forex trading system. I had six sales through my link and made an income of £327.

The total income was £9,722, the ad spend was £250 so that’s £9472 profit ($11,661), plus I added 516 subscribers to my mailing list.

If you want to make money online then you can copy my method. I’ve written a post called ‘The Newbie Blueprint’.

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